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Hi, thanks for your interest in FAIR bicycle products!
It is important for you to know how we ship our products.

Since we are located in Switzerland, shipping

to the world is complicated and expensive.

We have a way around this. You get your order guaranteed
for the price you see and pay for in our online shop.

It will be FREE of any customs and tax duties. We can guarantee this
since we import all the orders ourselves into your country/tax zone.
So yes, at around 20.- CHF, our shipping rates do seem expensive,
but buy more than one part AND factor in that it will be free of
any customs and tax duties and it starts to look very good.
We can guarantee this for USA, Canada and
all EU countries, and of course Switzerland.
For UK we cannot guarantee it, but none of our UK
customers had to pay taxes or customs so far.

The only drawback is delivery times. Since we ship in bulk shipments to the respective countries and tax zones, we have to wait in order to accumulate enough orders. And we cannot ship at express rates, that would turn out way too expensive. So a regular shipping duration will be around 25 business days.

We hope you can understand these shipping
mechanics and are happy to welcome you as a customer!

Note 1: For all countries other than USA, Canada and the EU, you most likely will be charged a customs fee and sales tax. You probably can estimate this much better than we can, based on
your shopping cart value.

Note 2: Since our bulk shipments are split up by national mailservices at the destination
country, we cannot provide tracking numbers for these shipments. All Swiss, non USA,
non Canada and non EU orders will come with a tracking number.

Note 3:
We would like to inform you about our (product) finish quality.

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