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To us there is two ways to Pura Vida. One is the more direct one. We LOVE to ride bikes and tinker about stuff to make the RIDE even better. That's why we do FAIR bicycle, and it is second nature to us.

The other way, and that's maybe more what the Ticos (Costa Rican people) mean when they say it: A mutual respect for each other, for nature. That's what it's all about. As human beings we need interaction with each other. It is absolutely vital for us. At FAIR bicycle we try to live this. To be spontaneous, emotional. To do the unexpected, to celebrate life.

And in a way cycling itself is Pura Vida, it's a social activity, it's integrative, low impact, positive, directly physical.


Anyways, here's our Instagram feed showing some of our work and life.

Enjoy and let us know!

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