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Here you find the team behind FAIR bicycle.



On earth since 1983, Marco is half Swiss and half Sicilian (down south in Italy). Just like Valentin he first put his shoes in a bike shop to work, then turned machinist but then went to study
product design rather than engineering. What started as a trail riding career in the early 90s, went to become a trials, street, BMX, DH, XC, road - ride everything life. Today, with kids
and two jobs his attention has directed to commuter and cargo bikes too, pumptrack, MTB and Gravel thrown in for good measure.
Carrying a backpack of product design experience in the bicycle world and beyond, at FAIR bicycle Marco does everything concept, design and nitty gritty.



Born 1976, Valentin is Swiss with Luxembourgish roots but feels more like an earthling. He went to be become a bicycle mechanic, machinist and mechanical engineer. And a cross country racer from the late 90s. Today he is still mostly in the saddle of his progressive (but NOT downcountry!) XC bike. Although a proper enduro sled has found the way to his garage. And a high end road bike. And a bunch of commuter bikes, motorized and not. With many years in the bike industry and in-depth machine industry experience under his belt, Vali has been with the FAIR bicycle project from the very beginning. Now a specialist for load and fatigue simulation, lab tests and product engineering, he takes care of all things mechanical on FAIR bicycle products.

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